Specialists in manufacturing special maritime containers and repairing used containers.

We build office, warehouse and sanitary containers

Transformation of used sea containers to build all types of transportable and removable enclosures, from an office or a warehouse, to a complete house, adapting to the ideas and needs of our customers, tailored to the best price.

Our advantages

Consistency and security (1,5 mm steel sheet)

High adaptability and modular resizing

Customization to the client's needs both in interior distribution and in materials

Removable and transportable

Characteristics of our processed maritime containers:

  • Manufacturing process in minimum time.
  • Fully insulated with thermal and acoustic insulation
  • High quality melamine and plywood coatings
  • Lacquered aluminium ironworks
  • Detachable roofs
  • Recessed lighting

Manufacture of any construction using as a base the container